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The purpose of this letter is to deliver straight talk to you about vacuums in light of the current health situation.

Years ago I took a stand against bagless vacuums. It never made sense to vacuum your home and in the process release 58 million particles per minute into the air.

90% of all people buy bagless vacuums.

Knowing how vacuums work, I find that is insane!

People think that there is a safety net.

They believe manufacturers would not make bagless vacuums if they don’t work.

However, manufacturers make them and they don’t work!

You cannot have a clean home using a bagless vacuum!

This is how the bagless system fails:

Nothing magical makes the dirt stay in the dirt chamber of a bagless vacuum.

Instead of filling a high filtration bag with debris, it fills a three foot vacuum full of dirt.

When the debris gets to the HEPA filter, the HEPA filter initially stops the debris but it is soon plugged and the passageway is closed.

The vacuum is still creating air but now it cannot get the air through its intended passageway so it blows the air, along with other particles, out the cracks and poor seals of the vacuum into your air at a rate of 58 million particles per minute! Yuck!

When we clean a bagless vacuum we turn tanks of clean water into black silt!

So crazy!!

My son said I should advertise that I passed up a million dollars in bagless vacuum sales to deliver you a good product.

It is unethical to sell bagless vacuums and I do not sell baglessvacuums!

Choosing a bagless vacuum over a bagged vacuum is not as inconsequential

as choosing an upright vacuum over a canister vacuum or a canister vacuum over an upright vacuum. That is a matter of preference.

Choosing a bagless vacuum over a bagged vacuum in the past was deciding to re-distribute dust in your home over cleaning your home.

Today it is most important to trap the dirt and dust in a HEPA vacuum bag to get your home clean and healthy.

People tell me; “My bagless vacuum picks up so much dirt!”

The bagless vacuums are very deceiving as to how much they pick up.

The process fluffs the debris making you think you picked up a lot when, in actual fact, you picked up very little.

A 9x12 section of carpet can look clean and hold 84 pounds of dirt. What you left in the carpet is more substantial than what you picked up.

A bagged vacuum compresses the dirt and a bag holds substantially more than a bagless dirt chamber.

To clean your home, you need a vacuum with a good strong motor, an aggressive brush roll and a bag to trap the dirt. (These days, a HEPA filtration bag is what makes sense.)

The CDC approves persons to make health masks from HEPA vacuum bags if regular masks cannot be procured. In fact, Griggs Vacuums donated a case of HEPA vacuum bags to Penrose hospital at their request to make masks!

With the current health situation, I am proud that I have provided good quality, high filtration vacuums to everyone that has ever purchased a vacuum from me.

You have the equipment to clean your home and protect the health of your family!

Griggs Vacuums is helping persons that need a vacuum or want to move forward from a bagless to a bagged vacuum.

We are offering in-store sales to try to help everyone that comes to us for a vacuum.

We want everyone to stay well and have a clean home!

If you have friends or family or you, yourself, need a vacuum, know that we will help you get a good quality vacuum within your budget.

We are considered an essential retail business, so we will be open regular hours

(M-F 9:30-5:30 and SAT 9-4) to help you with all your vacuum needs.

I am loyal to my customers and I very much appreciate my loyal customers that come to me for their vacuum bags, filters, belts and service!

That is what has maintained our business for over 40 years!

Let me know how I can help.

God Bless you and your family!

God Bless America!

Stay well,


Additional note:

Many house cleaners use bagless vacuums.

They don’t want the expense of vacuum bags.

Can you imagine that people pay these housekeepers to blow 58 million particles per minute of other homes’ debris into their home?

Housekeepers finish one house, dump the dirt chamber and head to the next house with the vacuum still loaded with dust, dirt,fleas, dust mites, bedbugs and, God forbid, viruses to blow into the air of the next house they “clean”!!

If you have a housekeeper, invest in a good high filtration vacuum and insist the housekeeper uses only your vacuum in your home.

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